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Idil Biret Archive / Discography
In November 1949, at the age of eight, Idil Biret entered the studios of the French radio (then called Radiodiffusion et Television Francaise - RTF) in Paris and made her first recordings. These were works by Couperin, Bach, Beethoven and Debussy. Over the next decades Idil Biret made more than eighty LPs and CDs released on nine record labels - Pretoria, Vega, Decca, Atlantic/Finnadar, Pantheon, EMI, Naxos, Marco Polo, BMP - and countless recordings for radio and television stations around the world. Among these the most important were the recordings of Beethoven's 9 Symphonies piano transcriptions by Liszt for EMI and the complete piano works of Brahms, Chopin and Rachmaninov for Naxos together with the three sonatas of Boulez and the etudes of Ligeti. The Idil Biret Archive contains all her professional recordings and many of her Radio/TV recordings. As the copyrights are obtained, the earlier recordings on LP and the live recordings not commercially available will be released on CD and digitally by the IBA label together with new recordings. The 9 Beethoven/Liszt Symphonies originally released by EMI in a box set of 6LPs in 1986 will be among first of these together with the newly recorded 32 Sonatas and the 5 Piano Concertos of Beethoven. Other newly recorded works for release under the IBA label include all the Piano Concertos of Tchaikovsky, Liszt, Grieg and Schumann. The 9 LPs Idil Biret recorded for Atlantic/Finnadar in New York in the 1970s will also be released.
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